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  Bollywood, Sadhus, Ganges, Holy cow, Maharajas, Palaces, Forts, Taj Mahal, Snake Charmers & beyond that........
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  India, a vast country in the South-Asian continent has always been known for its vibrant cultural diversity and varied landscapes, from snow capped mountains to the huge coastal areas, from the vast Indo-Gangetic plains to the great Indian Thar Desert.

There is barely any country in the world where you find such geographical variations and cultural diversification as you find in India. Such is the magic of this country. India is a country to be visited for any season and for every reason.

From north to south, India is dotted with thousands of historical monuments which tell the tales of changing eras of different dynasties and different religions. India has always been a cradle of scientific inventions and spiritual mysticsm. From Vedas to Puranas and from Kamasutra to Yoga, this country has always produced a wide array of choice for human beings to lead a better life.

Today India is considered among fastest growing economies of the world, but among all these modernities, India has still preserved it's thousands of years old cultural heritage and values. Hundreds of beautiful monuments are still nicely preserved, which speaks of the splendorous past of India.

So, why contemplate, don't miss the opportunity to discover this diverse country by choosing one of the state of the art designed tour programmers by Mondial Trails.

We offer wide choice of travel ideas throughout the Indian Subcontinent.

India Tour Programs

Taj Triangle Tour(India)   05 Nights/06 Days
Delhi – Jaipur-Samode-Agra
taj india  
This tour comprises of the three most popular cities of North India, which gives a glimpse of the historical, cultural and the modern aspect of India.
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Maharaja's Bygone Era( India) 15 Nights/16 Days
Delhi- Shekhawati-Bikaner-Khimsar- Jodhpur- Rohet- Udaipur- Deogarh- Shahpura-Jaipur-Samode- Agra.
palaces india  
After the independence of India most of the Indian Princely states were merged into democratic India, but this country still preserves the royal history and culture which is reflected in the historical forts & palaces. This tour takes you through the rich past of the lives of Maharajas of Rajasthan an erstwhile royal land of the courageous hindu Rajputs.
royal india More Info..
Colourful Rajasthan( India) 14Nights/15Days
rajasthan tour  
Fluttering colourful sarees in the desertic land land of Rajasthan, shepherds moving alongside the highways in their colourful turbans with their hoard of sheep, a riot of colours in the markets and bazaars of cities, each and every festival celebrated here is represented through an array of colours, such is the image of Rajasthan.
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Orissa tribals trails (India) 14 Nights/15 Days
Kolkata - Bhubaneshwar - Baliguda - - Rayagada - Jeypore - Ankadeli- Lamtaput - Laxmipur - Taptapani- Chilka - Narasinghpur - Puri - Konark - Pipili - Bhubaneshwar - Kolkata
orissa tribal tour  
There are very few places left on this earth where you meet people whole still live in primitive age. Orissa is one of the states in India where aboriginals tribals still live in the remotest areas, each tribals group having its own customs and culture. This tour is for those who really want to discover the remotest places of India and to meet those tribals.
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Heart of India 14Nights/15Days
Delhi -Jhansi-Orchha-Khajuraho-Allahabad-Vindhyachal island-Mirzapur-Chunar Fort-Varanasi-Sarnath-Gaya-New Delhi.
india tour  
The river Ganges of India is the source of Hindu civilization and it has been described as the holiest river in Hindu scriptures as well in many mythologies. Water of Ganges is used in most of the Hindu rituals and ceremonies....
heart of india More Info..
Glimpses of India and Nepal 9 Nights/10 Days
Get the best of North India and Nepal. Starting from the capital city Delhi, passing through the architectural marvel Taj Mahal and intricately carved erotic sculptures of Khajuraho, walking throught the ghats and winding lanes of holy city of Varanasi and finally admire the beauty of Himalyas in Nepal.
nepal-india More Info...
Vibrant Gujarat and Tribals(India) 16 Nights/17 Days
gujarat tour  
Gujarat recalls you for its rich historic past, intermingled with the present living culture. Here in Gujarat you discover centuries old historic monuments which can be said as the masterpieces of the golden age of this state. Gujarat is unique in its geological and topographical landscape. This state has even the excavated archeological sites of the disappeared Indus valley Civilisation. Then comes the far west part of Gujarat which is rich in its colourful tribal culture. Gujarat has it all.
gujarat-india More Info..
Karnataka Goa Tour(India) 06 Nights/7 Days
karnataka-goa tour  
Starting your entry from a brief intro to the Silicon city of India, furthur discovering the richly carved historical temples of Hoysalas Dynasty then furthur discovering the vast historical ruins of Vijayanagara Empire. This tour takes you arount the rich historical past of Karnataka and discover the 16th century cathedral of Goa and to finish of the tour, relax on the white sand beaches of Goa.
karnataka-goa More Info..
Sikkim Darjeeling Tour(India)   11Nights/12Days
sikkim-darjeeling tour  
Apart from culture, adventure etc., India has got the most scenic places to admire. Glimpses of beautiful Himalayan peaks and drive through the serpentine roads of tea plantation mountains is a real treat. Moreover the city of joy,Calcutta, get carried by the hustle and bustle of the city.
sikkim-darjeeling More Info..
Temples, Spices & Beaches ( Splenders of South India )
temples-spices-beaches tour  
India has always been known for its cultural diversity, South India is completely different from the North. Tamil nadu is known as a temple state. Thousands of beautiful Hindu temples constructed through many centuries adorn this tropical state. Neighbouring state of Kerala sandwiched between the mountains to its east and the coastal area to its west, is known for its exotic spices grown on the Nilgiri mountains. It is also blessed with some of its natural and serene beaches on the Malabar coast.
temples of india More Info..
On the monastic trails (Leh/Ladakh)
Delhi-Leh-Shey-Thiksey-Hemis-Khardungla pass-Lamayuru-Pangong lake-Leh-Delhi
monastic trails  
LADAKH is a mysterious land shrouded in myth and legend.Much of its ancient history is known only through the mythology of its people.Its landscapes are forbidding by any measure.Snow-swathed mountains rise to several thousand feet above sea level and one of the most elevated plateux on earth.
The barren landscaped mountains are dotted with several Buddhist monastries, preserving the rich monastic culture in the region. Most of the monastries celebrate annual mask dance festival which gives a moral of triumph of truth over evil.
monastic trails More Info..
Holy Ganges and Taj Mahal Tour(India)
hoyly-gange tour  
Get yourself immersed in the eternal philosophy of Hinduism, their ritual and rites, most of the hindu scriptures describe the river Ganges as the source of life. On the other hand the Taj Mahal is a epitome of love, and architecural marvel. This tour is designed to give you a glimpse of spiritual wisdom and architectural zenith of this country.
ganges taj india More Info..
Highlights of Northern India 08 Nights/09 Days
Delhi-Jaipur- Agra -Jhansi -Khajuraho -Varanasi-Delhi
Highlights Northern India  
It is the most difficult thing to visit and know India within a week or two. India is such a vast subcontinent that it takes years to visit the whole country. But after an intensive research of Mondial Trail team, we have designed this tour to give you and indepth glimpse of this country. Most popular monuments have been included in this tour and moreover you get a joy of travelling in an Indian train plus you will be driven through the countryside.
northern india More Info..
Religious trails of Northern India
It is the most difficult thing to visit and know India within a week or two. India is such a vast subcontinent that it takes years to visit the whole country. But after an intensive research of Mondial Trail team, we have designed this tour to give you and indepth glimpse of this country. Most popular monuments have been included in this tour and moreover you get a joy of travelling in an Indian train plus you will be driven through the countryside.
trails india More Info..
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